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Javanese Myths About Eating Traditions


Javanese Myths About Eating Traditions - Indonesia is a country rich in tradition. This tradition will even differ from one region to another. But in Java this tradition is still highly respected until now. Not only tradition and even many myths that are also still believed in this modern era.

Javanese Myths even regulates trivial matters that govern our daily lives. One of them is a myth that regulates eating problems. Until now the myth of eating of it is still widely believed by people in Java.

Eating Chicken Wings Makes it Difficult For a Match of Unmaried Women

Javanese people believe that if an unmarried girl eats chicken wings will make it difficult to match. However, if in reason this myth makes sense. Because chicken wings are identical to the part of the chicken that contains the most and is also most often injected with hormones. So that when eating in large quantities it will make the body become unhealthy.

Don't Take Food Before Older People Take It

For Javanese people, taking food before an older person is something that is considered to be farewell. If you are desperate to do this, it is believed that it will hamper your fortune. Not only that, you are also believed to get bad karma for not respecting others.

This myth if you think about it makes sense too. This myth teaches us to be polite and respect older people.

Don't Eat Using a Food Cover As a Container

For people who are desperate to do this, be prepared to accept bad things. Because this is considered not good for the Javanese.

What More of Javanese Myths About Eating Traditions?

This myth if it is true is also true. If you use a lid as a food container, it will be considered as someone who does not know ethics

Eating While Sleeping Will Turn Into a Snake

This myth can be said to be the most absurd thing. Even so, eating while sleeping is not recommended. According to science, eating in this sleep position makes stomach acid easy to rise and also risk choking.

 Don't Eat Fruit And Seeds

Javanese often say that eating fruit with seeds will grow on the head. Although this is not possible, this myth is often used by mothers so that their children do not eat fruit seeds.

Eating these seeds can actually be dangerous, because it can interfere with children's digest.

Don't Eat In Front of The House

Many Javanese still believe this myth. If you are determined to do it, you will be trusted to make a fortune and your soul mate. But logically this prohibition is actually to maintain the politeness of those who see.

If Eating Must Be Finished. Otherwise, Livestock Will Die

If the Javanese myth is aimed at children who are difficult to be told to eat and do not want to waste the food. Because in earlier times, almost all families would have livestock and animals are usually animals that are loved by the child.

But when culture breed in backyard abandoned homes, myth was replaced by "later pack peasants crying". There is one thing that is taught through this myth that appreciate food as sustenance, because a lot of people who died of starvation.

That is some of Javanese Myths about eating Traditions. I hope this information is helpful for you to know the javanese culture on eating food. That is all, thank you.

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