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Javanese People Character Traits and Culture Habits


Javanese People Character Traits and Culture Habits - Indonesia is a country rich in diverse cultures. Each region must have different habits and traditions, such as the habits of the Maluku, Sundanese or Betawi who are different from one another.

Javanese People, for example, are famous for their politeness, manners and gentleness. This is a characteristic when they mingle with other tribes and become the basic traits handed down by their ancestors. Although, of course, not all Javanese have these positive qualities.

Javanese Trait and Habits

Here are some traits and habits of people from the Javanese, written based on direct observations and indirect observations.

Shy But Like To Greet

Maybe you have met Javanese people who only smile and nod when they pass each other. Basically Javanese people are shy and shy, especially if they are in a completely new environment.

They like to say hello, but usually rarely dare to start a conversation. Try to start a conversation with him. Because actually they are also people who are absorbed when invited to share or talk ngalor ngidul. Just try it. 

Good at Maintaining Ethics and Manners

Javanese people are polite, both towards older people or towards others, they are also good at maintaining ethics when mingling in a social environment.

Conferring the body when walking in front of an older person has become a habit for Javanese people as a form of respect, manners, and manners. This bowing down attitude is also a sign that someone truly appreciates and can position himself.

How Javanese People Character Traits And Habits Looks like?

Javanese People Are Hardworking and Obedient

When reviewed within the scope of the company. The Javanese are the best workers. They do what they are supposed to do, have never complained and are highly dedicated to what is imposed on them.

Life Flows Like Water

This is actually still related to point number 3. People from the Javanese tribe look like they embrace a philosophy of life flowing like water. Live life as without burdens and dependents.

Accept Whatever It Is

Another thing that I like about Javanese people is their attitude which accepts what it is. Especially in terms of relationships. They accept any circumstances from their partners. As long as they like each other and feel comfortable.

Be Relentless, Calm and Avoid Conflict

In the family, they are people who like to succumb. This of course be a positive value in the harmony of a household. So, for you who are looking for a life partner.

Defend Traditions and Culture

Lots of traditions originating from the ancestors of Java that are still sustainable and carried out until now. Some of these traditions are symbols of an important event in the past or a form of gratitude that is framed in an event.

Javanese People Are Wise and Friendly

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