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Kinds of Javanese Traditional Houses


Kinds of Javanese Traditional Houses - Indonesia is one country that has abundant wealth compared to other countries. Starting from the natural wealth, natural beauty, abundant natural resources and a variety of cultures.

In this time we will share to you about Javanese Traditional Houses, and all of those can be found in a country called Indonesia, all in one.

The Importance of Getting to Know Indonesian Culture

We should be grateful to God for being born on this fertile earth. And one of our obligations is to protect the earth from various threats that can potentially damage the Indonesian State. Either from physical attacks or attacks of thoughts that can damage morale.

On this occasion I slightly reminded all my friends of one of Indonesia's culture. Which culture is rarely or even unknown by children today. But strangely, they are more absorbed in getting to know and even learn about other people's cultures, which are no better than Indonesian culture.

Immediately, in this article I will raise the theme of the Javanese traditional house. Why did I take this theme? because the island of Java is where I live now. I want to introduce the culture of the area that I live in today to all my friends.

Javanese Traditional House

Every province in Indonesia must have a culture that is different from one another. Immediately, I will share a little about one of the Javanese culture, namely about the Javanese traditional house. Javanese traditional house, among others, as follows.


Bedouin House

The first Javanese traditional house was the Badui house, which came from Banten Province. Overall this house is made of materials that come from nature. The main material to make a bedouin house is bamboo, while stone, wood and palm fiber are complementary materials.

What More of Javanese Traditional Houses?

Bedouin house foundation is made of flat stone which is buried in the ground. Usually the stones used for foundation are stones obtained from rivers. The use of stones in the house podasi aims to prevent the house poles from becoming rotten quickly.

Kebaya House

The second Javanese traditional house is the kebaya house, which is the traditional house of the capital, Jakarta. Basically, the kebaya house is the traditional house of the Betawi tribe, why is it called the kebaya house? Because the shape of the roof of this house is like a saddle, when viewed from the side it will look like a kebaya.

In addition to the kebaya house, the Betawi tribe still has several other traditional houses, such as a warehouse house and a joglo house. Although the Betawi tribe has 3 different types of traditional houses.

The first is the general front, where everyone can see the beauty and beauty of this house. And the second is the back of the house or personal. This section can only be seen if we get permission from the house owner.

Joglo House

Keep in mind joglo house is a traditional house from the provinces of East Java, Central Java and Yogyakarta. Although including cultures from three different regions, but not much difference between one another.

Joglo house has several parts that have different functions. There are used as a place to entertain guests even just just to relax. All have been arranged properly, according to their use and needs.

Such is the explanation and various Javanese Traditional Houses on the island of Java. Hopefully what I have written can be helpful and useful for friends who read it. I say thank you for taking the time to read my article.

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