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Some of The Uniques of Javanese Culture


Some of The Uniques Javanese Culture - The Javanese are not attributed to all the indigenous inhabitants of the island of Java. On the island of Java there are several other ethnic groups besides the Javanese. The term for the Javanese is more identical for people who hold the philosophical or Kejawen way of life.

The Unique of Javanese Culture, geographically cover,s Central Java, Jogjakarta and East Java. East Java is also still a variant because there are still Madurese, Tengger and Osing tribes in Banyuwangi. Javanese culture is the result of the historical heritage of the great Javanese kingdom, especially Majapahit and Mataram.

The most basic philosophy of Javanese life is strongly influenced by Hindu, Buddhist culture and also animism-dynamism beliefs. Javanese people generally uphold the balance, harmony and harmony of life both towards fellow humans and with the natural environment.

In this article we will proudly share you the unique Javanese culture in Java you need to know. Let's begin.

Teachings of Kejawen

Kejawen for the native Javanese people has almost become like a separate religion. Kejawen teachings are basically a compilation of arts, culture, ritual customs, social attitudes, and various philosophical views of Javanese society.

For Javanese people who still adhere to the original teachings of kejawen, the role models of these teachings become their own spiritual values. Many Javanese people have kejawen books adapted from books written by the "empu" during the Javanese kingdoms era.

To achieve this goal the Javanese used to do 'behavior' or actions to form a person in accordance with God. Among them is to do ' pasa' or fast and also ' tapa' or do austerities. It is here that kejawen is a form of Javanese spirituality.

Javanese Script

Javanese have written letters called Javanese script. Javanese script consists of 20 letter characters that store the meaning and philosophy of each.

What More About The Uniques of Javanese Culture?

There are many versions of history and legends that suggest the origin of the emergence of this Javanese script. But the most famous among Javanese people is the story of the Chronicle Aji Saka.


Javanese is a language that has stratification or level of language. Javanese people uphold the ethics of politeness and politeness including language. In Javanese there are known as unggah-ungguh or manners in speaking words.

 Javanese Traditional Dance

Javanese are known as a civilized society. There are so many dance arts which are the result of the creation, taste and initiative of the Javanese people.

The red thread of Javanese dance art lies in the flexible, calm and polite dance arrangements. Describing the philosophical life of Javanese who tend to accept, always adaptive to all situations and conditions and prioritize manners.

As the beliefs held by the Javanese, in the dance art that was created, it is also inseparable from the magical and sacred elements. Dance such as reog, sintren dance, lumping horse dance, is examples of dance art that is very thick with supernatural powers.

In the Jogjakarta palace environment known ' Bedhaya Ketawang' dance which is very sacred by the Javanese people there.

This sacredity is related to the belief that the Bedhaya Ketawang dance was intentionally created by Nyi Roro Kidul, the ruler of the southern sea as a form of performance for the rulers of the kingdom of Jogja, the rulers of the land of Java.

Now, with this information, you should know some of Unique Javanese Culture in java. Thank you for your presence I hope this information is useful for you, who want to go to Java. That is all, thank you.

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